Hacienda Santa Teresa is the first
community of its kind to blend all the conveniences
of the city with the best aspects of country living
in the heart of Chile's central valley.
Strategically located just off the new
Paso Pehuenche International Highway and
Bi-Oceanic Corridor, Hacienda Santa Teresa is
squarely in the path of progress with great access,
fertile soil, and multiple water sources.

Access to Services

Heading west from Hacienda Santa Teresa, 
the town of San Clemente (population 40,000)
is less than 5 miles away and offers all the basic
amenities such restaurants, pharmacies,
hardware stores, and supermarkets.
15 miles west of the Hacienda
you'll find the regional capital city of Talca
(population 220,000) with theaters, health clubs,
shopping malls, hospitals, and the Ruta 5,
Chile's main north-south highway.

Access to the

Maule Region's Natural Wonders

Heading east from the Hacienda you'll find the turn off
to the Altos del Lircay National Reserve less 10 miles away,
Colbun Lake 15 miles away, the Valley of the Condors 60 miles away,
and the border of Argentina 80 miles away.
Lago Colbun
Distance: 15 minutes 
Panimavida Resort
Distance: 20 minutes
Invernada Valley
Distance: 50 minutes
Valley of the Condors
Distance: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Pehuenche Pass
Distance: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
A Few Words About The Community
The Hacienda Santa Teresa community is currently 
made up of families and individuals from the US, Chile,
and both eastern and western Europe and includes
entrepreneurs, doctors, educators, pilots, traders,
and even an ex-actress.
Some of us already live at the Hacienda full time, others spend about 6 months
a year here, and others come down for just a couple weeks each summer. We come from a wide variety
of backgrounds but share a common belief in independence, freedom, and internationalization.

Agricultural Production

Apart from wine grapes, agricultural production at
Hacienda Santa Teresa has included berries, broccoli, corn, garlic,
peppers,  tomatoes, wheat and watermelon in recent years.
In coming seasons as we expand our production
we hope to install more of our own wine making equipment as well as a
number of greenhouses and areas with raised beds.

Home Designs

The most common style of construction at 
Hacienda Santa Teresa is confined masonry with tile roofing
thanks to its structural and thermal advantages.
Casa Perquin
3BD/3BA - 1,600 ft2
Casa Teresa
3BD/2BA - 2,100 ft2
Casa Maiten
3BD/2BA - 1,900 ft2

Seasons and Weather

With long dry summers and short wet winters,
the mediterranean climate at Hacienda Santa Teresa is not far from ideal. 
You can completely forget about shoveling snow because termperatures rarely fall
below freezing and the environment stays green throughout the year
thanks the many streams and rivers that flow out of the Andes. 


One of the best things of all about being located at the base of the Andes is the reliable access
to quality water sources. Irrigation water at Hacienda Santa Teresa comes from the mountain lakes and
reservoirs that supply the area's extensive canal system with freshwater during the growing season. Drinking
water at Hacienda Santa Teresa comes from the Maule Norte's second aquifer which lies beneath the
central valley in the country's 7th Region.
Irrigation Water Flowing from the
Alto Maule Down to the Central Valley
What the Future Looks Like for Hacienda Santa Teresa,
San Clemente County and Maule's Regional Capital
The infrastruture improvements that have been taking place along the
Pehuenche Pass International Corridor recently are already having an effect
on San Clemente County and the area around Hacienda Santa Teresa
but even bigger changes most likely lie in the near future.
Next year alone, Pehuenche Pass will remain open year round for the first time in history,
a 300 megawatt hydropower station (known as Los Condores) will be coming online in the region,
and work is set to resume on the Alto Maule Winter Center project.
The Alto Maule Plateau
Rendering of the Alto Maule Ski Area
Earlier this year, the CChC announced that it would be working with a budget of
$660 million USD for the next round of infrastructure involving Pehuenche Pass, Talca, and the Maule Region.
It didn't confirm start or finish dates for any of the differnt projects but did name several including an above ground
commuter train system to connect Talca with San Clemente and the construction of an extensive plaza
where the Pehuenche International Highway crosses the Ruta 5.
 While opening the Pehuenche International Highway to year round tourist traffic
is the priority today, having the capacity to receive overland commercial traffic is the
local government's long term plan for the route. Once new shipping/receiving infrastructure
is installed along the Pehuenche Pass Corridor Region, expect rapid expansion
of the local economy in the area.
Puerto Terrestre Los Andes
Chile's most important dry dock today
For more information on how to join the community
at Hacienda Santa Teresa, send us an email at info@propertychile.com 
or sign up for updates on our project here.
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