The Region

Chile’s 7th Region (the Maule Region) is blessed
with some of the most spectacular but least known
natural attractions in all of Chile.

From waterfalls to hotsprings, sand dunes to backcountry ski areas,
and red rock canyons to fertile river valleys, you can access all of these natural
wonders within less than a two hour drive from the Hacienda Santa Teresa.

Just 15 miles away from Santa Teresa and at an altitude of 1,400 feet,
you’ll find Lake Colbun, one of Chile’s largest man made reservoirs
(with a surface area of around 22 square miles).
Less than 10 miles away from Santa Teresa you'll find
the turn off for the Altos de Lircay National Reserve, a 30,000 acre
protected wilderness area nestled in the Andean foothills.

Follow the road up another 15 miles and you'll arrive at a
hiking trailhead which leads to native oak and hazelnuts forests
and numerous backcountry campsites.
As for hot springs, you can take your pick from the more developed historic
termal resorts such as Panimavida and Quinamavida (located less than 20 miles from Santa Teresa) or the more rustic pools and natural saunas
at Baños Medano or Baños Campanario (about 50 miles from Santa Teresa).
60 miles uphill from Santa Teresa lies the beginning of
the Alto Maule Plateau and countless relatively unexplored areas.

Up until just a few years ago, most of the Alto Maule Plateau was
nearly impossible to get to due to a lack of road access but thanks to the
new Pehuenche Interational Highway which was completed just last year,
it's now just a short drive away from the regional capital of Talca
and from Hacienda Santa Teresa.

Some of the highlights of the Alto Maule Plateau include
the Laguna del Maule (famous for trout fishing in the summer),
the Lo Aguirre ranch (which offers great bestbackcountry skiing),
and the Valley of the Condors (home to waterfalls, rock climbing
routes,and one of the largest species of condors in the world).

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